The Charm of Torut : From Londa to the Clouds in To’Tombi

17 Juli 2021 at 3:31 pm Tinggalkan komentar

I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve been to Toraja (Tana Toraja and North Toraja), but I often visit this area for work purposes rather than for tourist purposes.

This time again I had the opportunity to visit North Toraja Regency for cooperation in preparing prospective school principals. The activity lasts for 5 days, the location of the activity chosen by the partner is the Missiliana Hotel which is a beautiful hotel, full of typical Toraja designs and decorations.

Since the former vice president, Mr. JK, visited the Toraja area, which is now known as the land above the clouds, it has strengthened the potential of Toraja as a destination for cultural tourism and nature tourism.

Tourism that is becoming mainstream is visited by domestic and foreign tourists to visit there increasingly rapidly, so we also visited with family on the post-Eid holidays in 2018, so many visitors were there to enjoy the atmosphere of the country above the clouds. but our family’s enthusiasm has not yet culminated in its climax because the cloud we were waiting for did not appear.

That curiosity which then peaked again to visit there to quench the thirst to meet the cloud.

Actually there is an opportunity in 2019 to quench your thirst to meet the cloud, but the shadows of disappointment squeezed so that you only visited Kete’ Kesu.

The thirst was finally quenched when unplanned returned to visit the location of the land above the clouds. Even Goa in Londa tour, which at that time was only outside, finally dared to enter the cave.

Sometimes a visit to a tourist spot does not culminate in a climax to the thirst for beauty that is coveted to be achieved, but an incidental visit that is not well-planned ends up beautifully.

Alhamdulillah, the thirst for longing to see the clouds has been fulfilled.

Imran – 17 Juli 2021

Entry filed under: Serba Serbi.

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